Important Relay Information

Important Relay Information

The focus of this event is on fun with friends and family; so with this in mind, we have upped the ante with our RIGS RECOVERY RELAY options for 2019! ALL relay options require both genders to be represented and may contain two or three runners (but to be eligible for prizes, you must have three runners).

A small prize and 366 days (that’s right; 2020 is a leap year) of bragging rights, shall be awarded to the winning team in each category! This years categories have been expanded to include:
Open Mixed
High School Mixed
Primary School Mixed
Corporate Mixed
Family Mixed – at least one runner under the age of 12!

Each member shall run one leg of the course, tagging the next team member at the completion of their loop at the Race precinct. Two member teams; you can choose one runner to run two legs. They can run these consecutively or run the first and last leg.

Exemptions can be made for single sex families and schools.

There will be two marshaling areas for awaiting team members. One adjacent to the underpass (resort side) for the exchange from Runner 1 to Runner 2. A second area adjacent to the start line for the exchanges between the second and final runners. It shall be the responsibility of the team to ensure their next runner is waiting in the marshaling area awaiting their handover.