• 12km (minimum age 10yrs)
  • 8.5km (minimum age 8yrs) – proudly sponsored by Gym Food Australia
  • 4km (minimum age 6yrs) – proudly sponsored by Lissome Physiotherapy
  • Junior Dash – 500m (minimum age 2yrs)
  • Junior Dash – 1km (minimum age 4years)
  • Family Relay (minimum age 6yrs)
  • Open Relay (minimum age 6yrs)
  • Schools Challenge – automatic entry for any individual or relay entry by a school student.

Family Relay:

The criteria (feel free to enter the Open Relay if you can’t tick all the boxes):

  • Immediate family members (step-family included)
  • A mix of gender must be included
  • At least one person 12years of age or under
  • Three runner minimum, each running one 4km leg each

Open Relay (no prizes except bragging rights):

Teams can be entered in the Open relay of any denomination; two or three person teams, mixed or all one gender, all juniors or all adults, we want this event to be whatever you want it to be! No prizes are to be awarded as yet, but if there is a pattern of registrations, we will look to acknowledge our winners.

Schools Challenge:

At the time of entry, school aged children will be required to indicate the school which they attend/ed in Term 4, 2018. The top three schools with the most number of entries and volunteers per capita shall win a voucher for the purchase of sports equipment for their school:

  • $1000 for 1st place
  • $600 for 2nd place
  • $400 for 3rd place

There is no need for any action other than to acknowledge which school you are representing at the relevant question in the registration process. Only student participants and any associated volunteers representing a given school qualify for points toward the school total. This points total is then divided by the number of pupils at each school, to give a per capita score, which ultimately decides the placegetters.